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Upfront pricing, always.

Pricing is based on volume and how much space all your items take up in our truck. Our trucks are equipped with a 16 cubic yard dump bed (12 ft x 8 ft x 4.5 ft), which can hold a lot of junk!  We start at a minimum load and go up in 1/8th of a truck load increments to a full truckload. Once you show our team everything you want removed we will give you an upfront price with no hidden fees.


Getting an Estimate.

At Junked: Powered by Veterans™, we offer two options to get an accurate junk removal estimate.  All estimates are valid for 30 days.

Option 1

Once you schedule your appointment, upon arrival we will provide you with a free upfront no obligation estimate after you show our team members everything you want removed. If you agree with the upfront pricing, we can get to work and quickly haul away your items.

Option 2

Email us some pictures of what you want removed and we can give you a general price range and our team will provide exact pricing when on-site.

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